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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Peace is the SH Terate and SH Winongo

SH Terate is a legendary martial arts college who played martial arts spread to many regions (and even foreign countries.) At its center, Madison, there are thousands of warriors SH Terate scattered through the village outposts. For youths in the area of Madison, a member of SH Terate is a tradition which they performed for generations. Even many of the families who arrived great-great-great grandfather, all are members of PS SH Terate. This makes the SH Terate as an organization, well respected in the Madison area because it has a very large mass.

Unfortunately, in Madison frequent mass brawl between members and members of the SH SH Terate Tunas Muda (Winongo). Actually the founder of both colleges silat is from a college
the same. According to the saga, the origin of martial arts in Madison is from a warrior named Suro (Mbah Suro). That said, while still very young Mbah Suro, this is one tough soldier who owned Prince Diponegoro. After the defeat of the Netherlands Prince Diponegoro, Mbah Suro fled to Madison, and founded a martial arts school itself.

Kungfu university is now growing quite rapidly. Mbah Suro has a lot of students. But among the several hundred students, there are two of the most prominent. One was later founded his own martial arts school in Madison Winongo area, and then later transformed into SH Tunas Muda. While the other universities to continue martial arts champion Suro and then transformed into SH Terate.

Initially, the two colleges are peacefully coexisted with each other. SH Winongo have influence in the region of Madiun city, while SH Terate rooted in the Madison area edge / rural. Seeds split began when between the years 1945-1965's, many warriors SH Winongo affiliated with the PKI. SH Terate who think science SH (Faithful Heart), which is derived by mbah Suro is a science-based Islamic teachings, SH Winongo felt coming out of the path.

The dispute became increasingly between the years 1963-1967, where many warriors from the two universities involved in a physical clash of political events. Although many members are affiliated to the left, but the organization SH Winongo kekirian not involved in these activities. This is what martial arts college and then save it from dissolution by the government.

After the purge of PKI members that took place between the years 1967-1971 in the Madison area, SH Winongo gradually began to lose pamornya.Puncaknya, in the era of the 1980s could be said of this martial arts college in a state of suspended animation. That said, many Terate SH warriors who acted as executor of the members of the PKI (including a group of warrior SH Winongo involved PKI) in the Madison area. This is what may trigger revenge warriors SH Winongo non-PKI but feel a sense of solidarity on his friends who executed it.

Whether coincidence or not, along with the emergence of PDI as a political force strong enough in the era of the 1990s, the prestige of SH Winongo little by little began to rise again. Many urban youth from Madison who joined the SH Winongo. Madison city itself is a fairly strong base PDI. While the Madison district is the basis of NU and Muhammadiyah. Many say that the situation is similar to the situation in the '60s era, where the PKI in power in Madiun city and NU ruling in Madison County.

Along with these developments, began to frequent fights between warriors in various corners of Madison. A fight that also involved a sharp weapon is not infrequently ended in the death of either party. At that time, Madison was like Warzone silat warriors (including with sharp weapons and other weapons.) In various corners of the city and villages there are graffiti that identifies a group of warriors who controlled the area tersebut.Pendekar Terate used the term SH SHT (Faithful Heart Terate) or TRD (Terate King Duel) to mark the base. While Winongo used the term SH STK, which then spoofed into "Time of the Communist Army", to mark their area.

In the period 1990-2000, the number of members of STK has developed very rapidly. Winongo Village as their headquarters, at first still vulnerable to attack by the warriors from neighboring Sht. However, because of their greater strength makes Winongo became Untouchables area. Almost all the youth and men in this village become a militant member of the STK, so the raid Sht to this area becomes increasingly difficult.

STK using populist tactics in recruiting new members. They went to junior high and high school in the town of Madiun and offers instantly warrior status to the young men who want to join. Meanwhile, to achieve the status of warriors in the SHT, the requirements quite heavy and takes a long time. Bids become instant swordsman of course, receives a large share of the youth who do not know the true essence of a call of "warriors". In Madison, the warrior is an honor that only dream of the youth. Predicate becomes very elite warriors because they have achieved with great difficulty. A Swordsman certainly has the physical ability and excellent martial arts, as well as a deep understanding of religion.

As a result of populist tactics by STK, code of ethics battle between the warriors who had been awake, little by little began to fade. Young children are naive (warriors instant) start using ways that are less ethical in the fight. For example, they gang up on opponents, kidnap opponents at home, brawl (throwing stones-throw), attacked from behind, and in ways that no other honorable. SHT-swordsman swordsman Initially the battle to uphold the code of ethics of martial arts, still trying to be patient. However, they finally lost patience after the victim on their side began to fall.

Noted, occur several times a battle which took casualties due to unsportsmanlike actions. There have been cases where the two warriors who are tandem bicycle Ontel, the slash in the back by the opponent on motorcycles with sickle. Then there are also cases of a warrior who was working the fields, cut down from behind by his opponent by using a hoe.

Such events is the description of how ethics casual one-on-one battle that had been closely held by the warriors, began to fade.

Embryo of the two biggest martial arts college in Madison, SH and SH Terate Winongo, is a puritanical school of martial arts called SH White. SH White founded by a warrior named Mbah Suro martial arts in 1903. Mbah Suro is a wanderer, he has crossed the globe to China and India to study various martial arts.

After feeling quite science, Mbah Suro return to his homeland, and founded a martial arts school without a name. Based on the knowledge acquired during the wandering, he developed a new martial arts moves that then bring renewal in the native martial arts of this archipelago.

After Mbah Suro died in 1923, there were two of his disciples who scramble influence to become head of the martial arts college. This then resulted in the seizure of splitting them into two camps. The first stronghold later founded a new martial arts school named Faithful Heart Winongo (Boxwood), and others set up camp Terate Faithful Heart (Lotus). The seizure was eventually escalate into open conflict, as each university is already has many followers. The conflict still continues to this day, with different dynamics, according to the development of the era.

Meanwhile, White SH and then shut down because they do not want to get involved in a feud between the two. Until now, White SH still exist, and are allowed to become a martial arts student in college is only family members and descendants of Mbah Suro only. SH White became a kind of council of teachers, to determine whether a warrior from the SH and SH Winongo telahmencapai Terate the highest level will be higher level or not (in karate term AND I, AND II, etc., to black belt). Currently swordsman with the highest level (Level III) is still held by the warriors of the SH Winongo. While the SH Terate not yet exist (the Most High Level II).

Between SH Winongo with SH Terate adopt different procedures in determining a pupil become "CITIZEN". In SH Winongo, a disciple of the new entry, should be legalized as a "CITIZEN" for emotional and physical bond with the college in question can not be separated anymore. While in SH Terate, to be a "CITIZEN" a student must undergo a long process and very hard. A "CITIZEN" in philosophies SH Terate be swordsman who has really understood the essence of the science of martial arts itself, especially its usefulness to society. So, a little once in a generation, a pupil SH Terate can finally reach the level of a "CITIZEN".


The conflict between the SHT and STK somewhat eased during this period. This is due to social and political upheavals that swept the country, resulting in forces acting pretty hard on various things that potentially cause social unrest. In this period, the carnival procession welcoming the usual birthday RI become a contest between the SHT and STK mass was abolished. In addition, 081 Madison Korem second forcing universities to train with the military region headquarters every Friday night with the aim to unify the two.

Another thing that affects slightly easing the conflict is killing kiai-kiai in East Java by the masked ninja. At the time, guarding the village and village in Madison was very tight. Even in some areas, the warriors SHT STK hand in hand and secure environment


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